A walk-through of my childhood at Grandma and Pa’s house — a place overflowing with meaning.

In the glazed eyes of society, some places are deemed more valuable than others.

When sacrifices are made — as they too often are — this notion leads to the destruction of locations that are less worthy: The National Parks are preserved, while the great-great-grandparent’s garden is rolled over. What’s often overlooked in these calculations are sentimental values. The relationships we build with locations are valuable because of the meaning they hold and the humanity that manifests when we preserve them.

In his essay “Buckeye” Scott Russel Sanders argues that recording these relationships gives places a particular type of importance…

Update: Company behind controversial Pebble Mine appeals Army Corps’ decision to shut the project down. The Alaskan mine threatens salmon habitat and is crawling with corruption. Learn more about the…


Genetically engineered salmon is poised to hit the U.S. market for the first time, but the risks it poses to wild salmon populations are still being debated.

Photo by Ramille Soares on Unsplash. Remix by editor.

Frankensteinian Fish

AquAdvantage salmon from Aqua Bounty Technologies has been trying to swim into the U.S. market for 17 years. This new fish they’ve cooked up is an Atlantic salmon — version 2.0. The fish has an added growth-regulating gene from Chinook salmon and a growth-promoting gene from Ocean pout, an eel-like fish. The result is like an Atlantic salmon in every way except that it grows at twice the speed.

The process of genetic engineering goes something like this: Each gene has instructions to do one thing. When that thing has been made or is carried out, we call it a…

The high stakes ecological battleground in Alaska

Sixmile Lake and Nondalton, one of the closest villages to the mine site. Photo by Erin McKittrick.

Nestled in southwest Alaska is a beautiful flatland whose waters drain into Bristol Bay, one of the world’s largest salmon fisheries. The land beneath is rich in various mineral ores. For nearly two decades efforts to build a mine on the lands have been fought by Alaskans. Environmentalists have stood in firm opposition to the mine, while a Canadian company has relentlessly pushed for a pit. Recently both sides have suffered spectacular blows.

Who are the Stakeholders?

Dairy is under scrutiny for contributing to climate change, but farmers argue that their cows aren’t the problem and are making changes to prove it.

Dairy cows on Zuber Farms. Photo by Dale Mott Slater

The production, processing, and transportation of milk caused an estimated 2.7% of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions in 2007, reported an assessment from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Most of these emissions occur at the farm. A portion stem from deforestation for land use and fossil-fuel burning for farming activities, but most of the emissions come from cow manure.

Consumers concerned about the environment have taken the issue into their own…

The reputation of fanfiction is wide and wavering, ranging from complete disgust to obsessive appreciation. Those who write and read fanfiction tend to be on the latter side of the scale, reveling in the numerous benefits that such an unregulated platform has to offer. But those who dislike it are usually put off by the same thing: The complete lack of review and professional publishing. However, that’s part of why fanfiction is an immensely useful tool for new and experienced writers. …

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Student, blogger, and fanfic author — Studying Sustainability and Food Systems Journalism

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