I’m not ashamed of loving fanfiction

The reputation of fanfiction is wide and wavering, ranging from complete disgust to obsessive appreciation. Those who write and read fanfiction tend to be on the latter side of the scale, reveling in the numerous benefits that such an unregulated platform has to offer. But those who dislike it are usually put off by the same thing: The complete lack of review and professional publishing. However, that’s part of why fanfiction is an immensely useful tool for new and experienced writers. While the stigma around fanfiction often leaves its users embarrassed around those who are less familiar with the wide world of fan written stories, it’s been flourishing since Captain Kirk and Mister Spock started sharing long looks on the set of Star Trek in the 60s.

Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash
Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

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